Created Specifically for CSRs in Specialty & ER Hospitals

The Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence (VRCE) Specialty & ER is a comprehensive front desk training program.

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Benefits for CSRs

  • Better understand your important role in driving the client experience
  • Demonstrate clearly your value to the practice
  • Help you work with your Specialty & ER team more cohesively
  • Gain skills to better communicate with referring veterinarians, clients, and co-workers

Who is it for?

  • CSRs working in the Specialty & ER environment who have just joined the profession and want to get up to speed quickly
  • CSRs who have been on the job for years, and want to improve their skills
  • There are no prerequisites for this program other than employment or intended future employment in Specialty & ER

What's included?

  • 32 interactive courses
  • Checklists, resource documents, and job aides
  • Scripts to guide client interactions
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Instructors and study group to reinforce learning
  • Activities customized to your hospital
  • Discussion points and assignments
  • Learning podcast library
  • Quizzes and videos
  • Proctored final exam

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“I decided to go through the VRCE training because I felt it was important for me to get the same training and go through the same experience that my CSRs would. It was important for me to understand the kind of training that they would go through to make them better CSRs in our hospital.

VRCE training has expanded the knowledge base of what a typical CSR here would have been trained at to begin with. What VRCE does is breaks down each component of what the CSR is responsible for and what they should be responsible for and how to be able to handle those situations that they normally wouldn’t.

The ability to go in-depth and give my CSRs training to handle these things is what has been a benefit to us all.”

- Jamie Bennett, Hospital Manager
Animal Emergency and Specialty Center


“When you focus on what this program is teaching you it’s showing you how you can provide the best service for your clients. The biggest difference for our hospital is that we don’t ever see healthy patients so for me it was great to have that information, knowledge, and helpful tips on how to talk to these clients. When you take the course it makes you think about the things you can do to go above and beyond. It will increase the satisfaction that your clients and your coworkers get from working with you every day. ”

- Julie Powers, Lead CSR
Oakland Veterinary Referral Services

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